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  • About Us
  • Welcome to! We are a registered limited company called Online Trade Solution LTD that specifies in the digital trade of HUT Coins for NHL Ultimate Team. We sell and buy NHL Coins for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

    Our mission statement is to continue to sell NHL 19 Coins at discounted rates, whilst maintaining our instant delivery speeds, multinational payment methods and a high level customer support service.

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  • Instant Automated Delivery of HUT Coins
  • For many of our customers, speed of delivery is equally as important as the cost of NHL HUT Coins. Here at, we recognised that and made it our upmost priority that we made this process as quick as possible and we believe we have accomplished that with the integration of our automated delivery system. This system instantly buys your unwanted NHL player off the auction house for the same value of NHL Ultimate Team Coins that you've chosen to buy at the point of your order being completed! Thus, creating zero time between buying your HUT 19 Coins and receiving them!

    Furthermore, our unparalleled automated system not only delivers your cheap NHL 19 Coins, it also assists you through the whole buying process with a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to receive the coins. It's truly incredibly intuitive. However, we also understand that sometimes you just need a human's assistance. Therefore, we have a 24/7 dedicated live chat support team that will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have about buying NHL coins from our HUTCoinService.

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  • is a multinational business that sells and buys HUT Coins on a daily basis. Our loyal customers are located across the globe and we love this! It means that NHL fandom doesn't only stop at the Unites States or Canada, but we have people buying NHL 19 Coins from Sweden, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and many more counties! In fact, we have sold to over 100 different countries since our establishment!

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    In addition to our highly-trusted payment processors, we have installed Comodo's highest bit-rated SSL Certificate onto our website which means that no data transferred between your computer and our server can be deciphered. Thus, guaranteeing your checkout process to be as safe as possible. Furthermore, no card details are ever stored on our website.

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    We really do want to make the process of buying NHL 19 Ultimate Team Coins as easy as possible!

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  • The reason why everyone buys NHL Coins or NHL points is to enhance their existing team. By buying HUT Coins, you effectively save a lot of money and time compared to slaving away playing games for a measly amount of NHL Coins. As a result, we recognised this and built a business around it. We sell cheap NHL coins to help you assemble your dream team of elite hockey players. All with the purpose of helping you dominate your opponents and friends to seasons and trophies!

    Once you have built an unstoppable team, this will make your NHL Ultimate Team experience much more enjoyable because winning trophies or seasons will greatly reward you with a large amount of HUT 19 Coins. Thus, making a small investment in NHL coins now will reward you later in the game's life when you continue to grow and build more teams. or buy those expensive NHL legends or HUT Heroes!

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  • If you have surplus amounts of NHL 19 Coins and no longer wish to own them, then why not sell them for real-life money! Here at, we do not only sell HUT Coins, but we also buy them!

    Should you choose to sell NHL coins, please access our Sell HUT Coins page and complete our quotation form. We will be in touch within 24 hours to provide you with a price for your NHL Ultimate Team Coins. Once a fee has been agreed, the payment will be sent immediately via PayPal's 'friends and family' option so you don't incur any processing fees.

    Before the payment is sent, we will list a worthless player on the auction house with the same value of NHL HUT coins you wish to sell to us. After he has been submitted to the auction house, we will provide you with the necessary details to search, identify and purchase our player. The moment that he has been bought, we will disburse the agreed funds directly to your chosen PayPal account.