Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are You A Legitimate Website & When Will I receive My HUT Coins?
  2. How Quickly Will I Receive My NHL Coins?
  3. Do You Sell HUT Coins To My Country & In My Currency?
  4. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
  5. How Does EA Tax Work & Will I Be Affected?
  6. Will You Sponsor My NHL YouTube or Twitch Channel?
  7. Your Stock Levels Are Low. When Will You Be Restocking NHL HUT Coins?
  8. What is Your Refund Policy?
  9. I Have A Question That I Would Like To Ask?

1. Are You A Legitimate Website & When Will I Receive My HUT Coins?

Online Trade Solution LTD has been a registered limited company since our establishment in 2013. is a trading style of our 'coin store' brand that is worldwide known and trusted. Our company number is 08536564.

Ever since we have been trading, we have sold to over 175 different countries, accumulating over 10 billion worth of coin trades for not only NHL, but for FIFA Ultimate Team, NHL Ultimate Team and NBA Live too. We have a 100% positive feedback score with all our reviews being collected by a third-party independent company called Feefo. Additionally, we now have a customer base of over 10,000 loyal people!

If you're worried about security, fear not! HUT uses Comodo's highest-bit rated SSL certificate which immediately encrypts all data sent between your computer and our server. Guaranteeing that your checkout experience is as safe as possible. Furthermore, we use two of the world's most recognise and trusted payment gateways in PayPal and Skrill, so that you'll be sure to find a way paying. Whether that's with your existing eWallet balance or with your credit or debit card. Again, no payment details are ever stored on our website.

If you wish to read our customer's past experiences with us, then please access our Independent Reviews Page here.

2. How Quickly Will I Receive My NHL 19 Coins?

As speed of service is just as important of price of HUT Coins to us, we have built a bespoke automated delivery system that will guarantee your NHL Coins to be delivered the very moment that your order has been received!

This is because during the buying process, you will be asked to inform us of the player that you have listed on the auction house for us to buy. Our automated system then swiftly searches the auction house, identifies him and purchases him upon your payment being completed! We're very proud of the technology we have built here and truly believe we are the pioneers in this software. So, if you want instant HUT Coins, then we are the website to buy from!

3. Do You Sell HUT 19 Coins To My Country & In My Currency?

As we are a multinational business that recognises our loyal customers are located across the globe (namely in the Unites States of America, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Slovakia, Finland and the Czech Republic), we have to accept payments from these countries and more, and we do!

As we use PayPal and Skrill as our payment gateways, it facilitates us to accept payments from anywhere in the world and in any currency! PayPal and Skrill simply exchange your local currency into our preferred currency at no cost to you! You can safely pay directly with your credit or debit card without needing to sign up to an account with one of these payment processors!

Furthermore, to understand how much our NHL 19 Coins cost in your own currency, we have implemented a handy currency converter at the top of website which allows you to choose from USD, CAD, EUR and GBP! We do advise that you use this as a close estimate and not an exact value though. The exact value to pay will be found on the checkout stage.

4. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Not only do we accept the world's most used credit or debit cards in the form of VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express (AMEX), JCB or Diners Cards. But we also accept national payment methods such as; PaySafeCard, iDeal, Sofort, Giropay, PostePay, Poli and many more!

We also facilitate the option to pay with your PayPal or Skrill balance too!

If you wish to see exactly what payment methods are available for your country, please proceed to the checkout stage where your options will be displayed.

5. How Does EA Sports' 5% Tax Affect Me?

As EA Sports take 5% tax off ALL transactions within the Ultimate Team game mode, you will need to account for this when buying NHL HUT Coins. This is because if you have your heart set on a high value player and you're purchasing NHL Ultimate Team Coins, then you could fall short of his value after EA take their tax.

As a handy tool, our automated system will calculate the sum of NHL Coins that you'll receive after EA have taken their tax off the value of HUT Coins you've chosen to buy. This figure can be seen under the coin slider on the Buy HUT Coins page.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid EA's taxes. Our price per NHL 19 Coins reflect this.

6. Will You Sponsor My NHL YouTube Or Twitch Channel? sponsors some of the largest NHL YouTubers and Twitch streamers as we're proud to associate our brand with them and vice versa.

If you're interested in becoming a partner with us, then please visit our Sponsorship page where we'll request you to complete our application form. If approved, we will ask you to verify your channel before supplying you with our media files to place within your videos/adverts.

As a sponsor of ours, you will earn 10% commission on all business you bring to us. Additionally, your viewers will receive a 10% discount code on buying NHL 19 Ultimate Team Coins from us!

7. Your Stock Levels Are Low. When Will You Be Restocking NHL HUT Coins?

As our stock levels are shown in real-time, it is possible that our stock may become short in supply if we receive multiple large orders of HUT Coins. If this is the case, then please be patient. We'll more than likely already be actively seeking more HUT Coin stock.

If you would like an update on current stock levels or when we'll be receiving more, then please contact our live chat support team who will be able to provide you with the necessary information.

If you're a frequent HUT Coins supplier, then please visit our Sell NHL 19 Coins page.

8. What is Your Refund Policy?

If you have an existing order with and would like a refund, then please access our Contact Page and request a refund.

Refunds are eligible as long as the NHL Coins haven't been delivered. Once the HUT Coins have been delivered, there are no refunds available thereafter.

If you have incorrectly listed a player on the auction house or we cannot seem to find him, then it's more than likely that we have already emailed you to seek your co-operation in fulfilling the order. 

In the case that you are still uncontactable after the seventh day of your purchase, we will automatically refund your money back into your account as it will be assumed that you no longer wish to buy HUT 19 Coins.

If you would like assistance with an outstanding order, it is advised that you contact our live chat support team who can help assist with your delivery.

9. I Have A Question That I Would Like To Ask?

If we have not answered your question here or you would like to request further information about our services or products, then please use our Contact Page, email us directly at, or use the live chat widget to speak to us in real-time.

We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. Thank you!