How To Buy NHL 18 Coins for Ultimate Team

A little confused at just how to purchase your HUT Coins and looking for a little advice? This page is for that little extra help, this step-by-step walkthrough is the easiest for you to follow in order to use our quick, cost effective and simple purchasing method.  

Please note: If you're still a little stuck after reading this, our buying process also offers a detailed walkthrough for you to follow at the bottom of each page. Anymore worries or questions, then please feel free to contact our live chat support team in the bottom right corner of your screen where a helpful agent will be on call to help.

1. The first stop is to choose the correct platform, whether that is; PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

2. This will then take you to the platform purchasing page - where you can use the slider to select the quantity of NHL Coins that you wish to purchase. A real-time price will be displayed for your chosen quantity of NHL 18 Coins. Please note that we have a tiered pricing structure, so the more you buy, the cheaper your cost-per-coin is!

3. Having chosen the amount of NHL Ultimate Team Coins you would like to buy from us, your next step is to list any worthless player of your choosing on the marketplace! By doing so, we can then purchase this player from you and thus transfer the HUT 18 Coins from our account to yours!

As an example, if you would like to purchase 100,000 HUT Coins, then our system will ask you to list a player for 100,000 BUY NOW.
As such you would like a player on the marketplace like so:

Learn how to buy NHL Coins from

4. After your player has been posted on the marketplace, please return to our website and input the name of your unwanted player onto our system. We'll then use the details provided to search for your player on the marketplace, identify him and then purchase using the Buy Now option. This will then credit your account with the amount of NHL 18 Coins that you've bought from us.

This stage on the website will appear like so:

How to buy HUT Coins by selling an NHL Player

5. Following this, you will enter our incredibly secure checkout stage, encrypted by Comodo's highest bit-rated SSL certificate. At this stage, you simply finish the purchase by inputting your billing details and choose to pay through one of our worldwide known payment gateways - PayPal or Skrill. Using these two payment processors allow you to checkout as a guest and pay directly with your credit or debit card!

6. After your order has been paid for, our automated system will immediately search for your player and purchase him (within just 2 minutes on average!). Your NHL HUT Coins will then be visible in your account after you have left and re-entered the NHL Ultimate Team game mode.

7. Begin to spend your NHL 18 Coins by assembling your dream team!

How To Sell NHL Ultimate Team Coins:

Too many HUT Coins after a while of playing, wanting to gain some money back for your hard work? Selling your unwanted HUT coins to us is just as easy as purchasing them from us! Again, we have an automated system in place to make this as easy as possible for you to do so. Just follow the below steps: 

1. Head to the Sell HUT Coins page and select the platform your NHL 18 Coins are on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

2. The next step is for you to let us know your contact details, along with just how many NHL Coins you wishing to sell to us via a quick and easy contact form. 

3. Once we've received your details, you will be contacted by a adviser within a few hours with a quote of how much we can offer you for your HUT 18 Coins.

4. When the trade is agreed, we will list a player on the marketplace for the console you've selected and then provide you with the necessary search criteria, so that you know who to purchase. 

5. As soon as our player has been bought, we will issue the funds into your chosen PayPal account to complete the transaction. We'll send this money via the 'friends and family' option meaning that you are not subjected to any unwanted fees!


Due to the nature of purchasing HUT Coins, at any stage before the NHL HUT Coins are delivered you are of course entitled to request a full refund. The easiest way to request this is either through the Contact Us page or through the Live Chat option in the bottom right. After doing so, one of our advisers will process your refund request immediately, returning the funds back into the account that you bought the NHL Coins from.

If your HUT order is undeliverable and we are unable to reach you via the email address provided, we will automatically process a refund on the seventh day after the transaction was made.

Once your NHL 18 Ultimate Team Coins have been delivered, there can be no refunds thereafter.