Sell HUT Coins for NHL 19

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Recuperate your money invested into the game by selling us your unwanted HUT Coins for NHL 19. To start the process, please select which console your NHL Coins belong to; PS4 or Xbox.

Once your console has been selected, you will be prompted to inform us on the quantity of HUT Coins for sale & how we can contact you.

How to Sell NHL Coins:

To sell NHL Coins to us, we will submit a player to the NHL Ultimate Team auction house for the same value of NHL HUT coins you wish to sell to us. The moment that we receive the NHL 19 Coins, your due money will be disbursed via PayPal 'friends and family' to your chosen account. Sending payment via this method means that you don't incur any processing fees!

Should you need help understanding this process, please contact one of our friendly live chat support agents.